Glasgow Open 2015 - Results

Results from Saturday

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Men's Epee

  • Gold - Tom HOFFMANN, Dingwall Fencing Club
  • Silver - Mark LAUCHLAN, Wallace Fencing Academy
  • Bronze
    • Adam GORDON, Salle Holyrood
    • Rory HIGH, University of Aberdeen 


Women's Epee

  • Gold - Anna BALINT, St Andrews University
  • Silver - Mhairi DE SAINTE CROIX, Dundee University 
  • Bronze
    • Christiana BISSETT, Bellahouston Fencing Club
    • Mhairi GIFFORD, Shetland Fencing Club 


Mixed Secondary Epee

  • Gold - William MACKEY, University of Aberdeen
  • Silver - Erik MONCRIEFF, Shetland Fencing Club
  • Bronze
    • Robbie BROWN, West Fife Fencing Club
    • Alisdair GORDON, University of Stirling


Men's Sabre

  • Gold - Mark ALVARES-PERES, Salle Ossian
  • Silver - Ross MANSON, Wallace Fencing Academy
  • Bronze
    • Ethan LLEWELLYN, Salle Ossian
    • James POTTER, University of Leicester


Women's Sabre

  • Gold - Jessica CORBY, Salle Ossian
  • Silver - Kate DAYKIN, Salle Ossian
  • Bronze
    • Victoria CARSON, Salle Ossian
    • Kristina RUDENOKA, University of Aberdeen


Results from Sunday

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Men's Foil

  • Gold - Mark LEGKOVSKY, Edinburgh University 
  • Silver - Alexandre ARBELET, Salle Holyrood
  • Bronze
    • Charlie BROUGHTON, Salle Holyrood
    • Moises OJEDA, University of Glasgow


Women's Foil

  • Gold - Mhairi DE SAINTE CROIX, Wallace Fencing Academy
  • Silver - Marianna LANZA, St Andrews University Fencing Club
  • Bronze
    • Chloe DICKSON, Edinburgh Fencing Club
    • Mhairi MCLAUGHLIN, Salle Holyrood


Mixed Secondary Foil

  • Gold - Andy DODD, Edinburgh Fencing Club
  • Silver - Ross HOCKADAY
  • Bronze
    • Robbie BROWN, West Fife Fencing Club
    • Henry OLDBURY, Shetland Fencing Club


Special Awards

  • Fosgail Cup (Best Student)
    • Mhairi De Ste Croix
    • Calum De Ste Croix


  • Country Retreats (Best Veteran)
    • Maria Cabrelli
    • Tim Wynn


  • Best School Pupil
    • Mhairi Mclauchlin
    • Ross Manson


  • Master at Arms
    • Mhairi De Ste Croix
    • Mark Lauchlan


Best Overall Club

1180.20Wallace Fencing Academy
754.76Salle Holyrood
682.75Glasgow West End Fencing Club
637.64West Fife Fencing Club
609.17Shetland Fencing Club


Celtic Master at Arms

The Glasgow Open was the final event in this year's Celtic Challenge series, with the points from this event the following Master at Arms prizes were awarded.

  • Mhairi Gifford
  • Jonathan Woollard