2019 Election of Directors to the Scottish Fencing Board

Scottish Fencing is seeking nominations for three Elected Director posts, to serve on the Board for four-year terms from February 2019.  An election will be held in February if more than three valid nominations are received by the deadline of Monday 28 January 2019.  

The election of directors is governed by an Scottish Fencing Bye-law attached below.  The Electoral Officer overseeing the process is Hugh Kernohan.  Any questions should be sent to electoral.officer@scottish-fencing.com

Anyone wishing to join the Board should complete and return the Proposal Form below.  The support of at least five Voting Members is required and no Voting Member may support more than one Proposal.  Voting Members are members over the age of 16.  The form also requires a statement of up to 400 words describing the candidate's suitability to serve on the Board and outlining what they would hope to achieve for fencing in Scotland through membership of the Board.

Proposal Forms will be published on the Scottish Fencing website as they are validated.

The Board comprises seven elected and two independent directors.  Its roles are to provide strategic leadership for fencing in Scotland, to oversee the activities of Scottish Fencing's staff and volunteers, to maintain its ethical standards and legal obligations, and to safeguard the mental and physical well-being of everyone fencing here.  Anyone interested in joining the Board can find out about its constitution and operation on the Scottish Fencing website, board information is here  , company information is here .  The President, George Liston, will be happy to discuss the details, as will other members of the Board.

Scottish Fencing is committed to creating equal opportunities and would welcome applications from our members, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith or disability. If you require any assistance to apply please contact Liz Anderson at admin@scottish-fencing.com .


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