Development Grants - 2016 update and launch of 17 – 18 programme

Scottish Fencing is pleased to highlight some of the great work carried out by member clubs with support from the grant scheme during 2016/17. Salle Ossian, Shetland Fencing Club, ActiFence and Aberdeen Fencing Club ran beginners courses and competitions for new fencers, resulting in over 70 new members joining Scottish Fencing.

Following on from taster sessions at primary schools run in partnership with Active Schools,  Shetland Fencing Club ran 3 beginners courses which produced enough new fencers to set up new regular club sessions. They have introduced a fun competition just before Christmas specifically for new fencers who have completed  one term and have added a separate under 13 age group to their main annual club championships, with additional medals and shields. As a result, 28 new fencers have joined Scottish Fencing.

ActiFence and Aberdeen Fencing Club  ran events in partnership with Aberdeen Sports Village and Saltire Energy group to provide varied physical activity for some of Aberdeen's  most disadvantaged children. This culminated in a plastic fencing festival at Aberdeen Sports Village which will run again this winter.  They have worked with Active Schools Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to provide free taster sessions in the build up to their special beginners camp this summer at Knockburn loch.

They established a volunteer programme to work with adults and young people to give them the skills they need to ensure they can work safely with children. In return the volunteers agree to give their time for a set period.

Salle Ossian in partnership with Live Active and Perthshire Sports Development ran two beginners courses in Dunkeld and Craigclowan primary schools.  In total 22 new fencers joined Scottish Fencing and one of the courses was so successful they had to set up a new club at Craigclowan school.

As part of our 2017/18 Development Plan we will work with and support clubs across Scotland to deliver a range of projects and initiatives aimed at attracting new members to our sport. We are happy to announce clubs can now apply for 2017/18 development grants . More information and how to apply is here.

We acknowledge the administration of the 2017 scheme had issues however we have addressed these and to date, close to £2,500 has gone towards supporting clubs through the scheme.

Scottish Fencing is proud to support clubs in making fencing accessible to all.