Swordmark Criteria


There is three levels of Swordmark; Basic, Advanced and Super Club. All clubs must achieve the critria set in sections 1, 2 and 3. The criteria achieved in section 4 will determine whether a club will achieve Basic, Advanced or Super Club status.

  4. CLUB DEVELOPMENT – Fencing Programme / Coaches & Officials / Engagement with the Wider Community



  • The club affiliates it’s members to Scottish Fencing.
  • The club has an inclusive Club Constitution/Articles/Memorandum/Trust Deed.
  • The club has an Equity Policy.
  • The club has a democratically elected management committee.
  • The club has a fair and equitable membership and pricing structure.
  • The club provides a welcome pack / club handbook.
  • The club has policies and procedures for Financial Management.
  • The club has a Strategy and Operating Plan.
  • The club has appropriate insurance in place.
  • The club has a Data Protection Policy.



  • Club has a Child Protection Policy (if u18s at club).
  • Club has a Vulnerable Adult Policy (if appropriate).
  • Club has a Code of Conduct for coaches, fencers, staff and parents (as appropriate).
  • Club has a Recruitment procedure for staff and volunteers.
  • Club maintains a record of PVG Scheme Membership for all relevant volunteers and staff.
  • Club has a procedure for Responding to Concerns about a child or vulnerable adult.
  • Club has a Disciplinary Procedure in place.
  • Club has a Child (& Vulnerable Adult) Protection Officer.
  • Anyone working with children and young people have attended “Safeguarding & Protection” training.
  • Club has a secure database of contact details of parents/carers and emergency contacts/medical information for all young people.
  • Club has a procedure for the Recording of Incidents.



The club has a Health & Safety Policy and has communicated the policy to members and their parents (if U18).  There should be a nominated official responsible for ensuring the policy is implemented.  This policy should, amongst other things, require the Club to:

  • Club has access to First Aid equipment and representatives involved with young people are First Aid Qualified – minimum requirement Appointed Persons First Aid
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment on a regular basis.
  • Ensure all club equipment is regularly checked (fencing and electrical).
  • Have a procedure for Recording of Injuries and Incidents.
  • Maintain a register of members with details of emergency contact details and medical conditions (as appropriate).
  • Ensure sufficient numbers of club members are trained in First Aid.




(4.1) Fencing Programme

  • The club provides appropriate participation and coaching opportunities for its members:


?All Clubs - The club will offer structured group training exercises.

Advanced Club - The club will offer structured group training exercises to various ability groups, promoting fencers between groups, as appropriate.

Super Club - The club will have high-level coaches and significant numbers of performance fencers with structured individual performance programmes.


  • The club offers individual programmes for all members:


All Clubs - The club will offer individual lessons.

Advanced Club - Performance fencers will work with coaches who will advise on and support their individual training and competition programmes.

Super Club The club will provide – either directly or indirectly – adequate provision for its fencers in appropriate support services (S&C / Sports Psychology / Nutrition / etc).


  • The club offers multiple sessions per week for its members:


Advanced Club­ – The club will offer access to members twice per week.

Super Club - The club will offer access to members three or more times per week.


(4.2) Coaches & Officials

  • All Coaches registered on the Scottish Fencing Coach Register.
  • The club has Public Profiles for all Coaches and Officials.
  • The club has a CPD Programme for all Coaches.
  • The club will provide referee training at all ability and age groups (Advanced & Super Club only).


(4.3) Engagement with the Wider Community

  • The club has an Introduction to Fencing Programme in place:


All Clubs - The club will be able to accommodate a beginner, turning up at the club, with a basic, but structured introduction to fencing.

Advanced Club - The club will offer and promote regular beginners’ classes to various ages.

Super Club - The club will manage an outreach programme – either through its own coaches or through satellite clubs – that, for e.g. in local schools, community, etc.


To begin your Swordmark journey, or for more information, please contact Scottish Fencing Club Development Manager, Blair Cremin, at blair.cremin@scottish-fencing.com or 07912 267585.