The first edition of the 'History' section of our website is now available - and here it is! (See attachment.) It highlights some - but by no means all - of the achievements in Scottish fencing since the inception of the modern Olympics in 1896. This is only a start. It's your turn now, and we are eager to receive your contributions.

Can you put names to the faces we haven't been able to identify in some of the photographs? Do you have more facts to give us? There have been important contributions from many people over the years, some still uncelebrated; why not tell us about them?

Above all, do you have photographs: team line-ups, action shots from competitions, matches, courses, club sessions, maybe featuring people we all know in the days before they became famous (if fit to appear in a respectable publication)? Send scans of them to us, including the names of  people in the photographs wherever you can, along with other information to admin@scottish-fencing.com.

We are publishing this brief edition as a simple PDF but we hope to develop later editions into a richer "e-zine" format, a patchwork of narrative and pictorial threads. We are sure that some of the members of Scottish Fencing have much more expertise in this than we do, and so . . . we look forward to hearing from you.

A Short History of Modern Fencing in Scotland - Edition 1.pdf409.47 KB